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Holiday Fitness

OK, never try and go on a fitness kick around Christmas, ok?  With my in-laws in town and not one, not two, but THREE Christmas celebrations (with family, etc.), I’m afraid that getting started has become more of a battle than I bargained for!

But in all, I have lost about 4 pounds and continue to strive to complete my workouts as often as I can.

Many blessings to you in the New Year, 2008!

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Namely, um, that would be me.  The shrinking part.

 I need to lose weight.  So, I am starting to work out again, a bit more seriously than in these past few years, and watching what I eat.  In an effort to regain that once amazing state of mind where being fit was not just a habit, but a way of living my life….you know – when you’re in the zone – when not working out feels…weird, well, I am putting it all in writing to you, my dear friends.

In taking some cues from my friend Greg, who to date has lost an amazing amount of weight and continues, even through knee surgery (that would surely put most people out of the game) and medical issues, I am putting it ‘out there’ so as to keep me from failing on my journey. 
(Oh and stop calling me Shirley!)

 See Greg’s Blog Here.

 So I want to share my journey with you.   All my postings will be in the ‘Getting Fit’ category, if you care to read.  Actually this is fairly selfish of me – wanting to take you with me for the ride simply so I’ll be more inclined to stick with it.  But perhaps you’ll get a little perspective along the way.

So all I ask is that you let me have it (but good!) if you see me slacking (not posting good solid progress on a regular basis.)  If I boast to you here and tell you I’m planning on losing about 50 pounds, and then not follow through, I have shaken your confidence in me, and come off looking rather foolish.  So, please let me be accountable to you so I can reach my goal.  And if ever you need to do the same hopefully this might come in handy for you on that day.

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My Diatribe on Spam

I’ll keep this short. 

 There is NO current solution for spam emails that works.  None at all.  Zippo.  Zilch.  Nada.

Here’s the thing:  while all these programs, and even the expensive network appliances tell you they are SO effective on spam, they are not.  Oh, they boast effectiveness percentage ranges in the high 90s.   So that means what?

I’ll tell you what it means.  It means that if even 1/2 of one percent of good emails are marked as spam (and summarily dumps them into your spam folder), YOU STILL HAVE TO LOOK AT EVERY SINGLE EMAIL to see what’s legitimate and what’s not.  And that’s with a 99.5% effectiveness!!!  (And if it deletes the email instead, you’ll never even know – THAT is bad news.)

Since the idea behind spam filters is to filter the good from the bad, if they miss even one, they are 100% useless and ineffective in my book.

One thing is for sure – the person who finds a way to build a truly 100% effective spam filter that people can afford and that’s easy to use – well, they’ll be the next Bill Gates.

100% or Nothing!  Thanks for reading.  Whew!

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So you have subscribed to, or are thinking about subscribing to a Worship Planning web site for your church’s worship ministry.  You may be technically savvy, you may see the need right off, but what about the people who make up your ministry?  Will they take to it?  Will they like it?  Will they embrace this new technology?   What I’ve found is, YES!  But sometimes, you need to take charge.  Leading by committee is always difficult.

As for successfully getting folks to use the system, get involved, etc., here’s what my worship leader said when we introduced the prototype for WorshipWebSite.net*:

 He basically said, “Folks, this is the new way I will be organizing our worship ministry.  To help minimize unnecessary photocopying, burning of cds, hand-offs of materials, etc., and to maximize your access to the music, information and the schedule, we are going to be using this web site exclusively.  Everything will be on the web, so if you need a chart, or need an audio track for a song, or need to know if you are playing next week, check the worship web site.


It’s easy to use, but like anything new, takes some getting used to.  One of the things many worship leaders must help their people get past is the ‘feed me’ mentality that many worship volunteers have.  Oftentimes there is someone at the church making the photocopies of the music/song list/schedule, burning CDs, etc, and then finding the people in church, and giving them the packet of info.  It is not the volunteer seeking the information, but rather them expecting to be ‘fed’ this information.


A worship planning site takes the onus off the worship leadership of the church, and puts the responsibility back on the people. 

It’s not hard, just different.  It’s not a technical issue, believe me.  Some folks might tell you it’s just too hard for them, but in reality, they just don’t want to do it.  Given a desire to go find that hot new MP3 player online, and they’ll be king of the internet.  It the old ‘change is hard’ thing.  Some embrace it while others fear it.  Please, please don’t allow your ministry to suffer but for the fears of a few.


Of course, some people just don’t have access to a computer.  I would say probably about 2 in a hundred.  Most have at least one computer in their home. 


Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like this should be ‘forced’ upon anyone, but I have had much experience in worship ministry to know that sometimes, you have to read between the lines.  This new technology is something that will help you and your people to become more effective for God, and that’s what it’s all about anyway.  Given that as the goal, who would complain?

Abraham and Noah both did some incredibly difficult things – going into the unknown – simply to please and honor God by following His desire.  We all (as worship leaders – which means YOU if you take any part in your church’s worship ministry) can take a cue from their leadership.  Venture into the unknown for what?  If it’s pointing to Him, then it’s pointed in the right direction.  Amen!  Let’s go!

*Note:  WorshipWebSite.net was merged into the new Lifeway Worship Project and can be found at www.lifewayworship.com.  Look for ’WorshipMap Pro’.

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