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Down to 228!

OK, a long journey is marked by the experiences along the way, and that journey of losing 50 pounds, which I started back in late 2007, well, has been… eventful!

Spending more time off my diet than on it, about a month ago, I started tracking what I ate, and to exercise a bit more.   I am happy to say that from a top weight of 255 in December 2007, that today, 8/20/2010, I am down to 228 – a  loss of 27 pounds!

So, I am about halfway to my goal.  My goal his shifted ever so slightly to an ideal weight of 200.  Monk would be proud.

The best way to explain what I did to lose this weight (most of which has been in the last couple of months) is, I simply ate less.  Instead of eating for enjoyment, I eat until I am almost full, then let time have its way.  It always manages to make me feel more full after a few minutes.  This would be the same for you, I suspect.

I also have been eating lots (about 6 1200 mg capsules daily) of fish oil.  It has numerous benefits – just Google it, you’ll see.  And water.  Not as much as I should, but I try never to leave the house without a full water bottle.

More later – just wanted to post this and with great hopes of a great (and lighter) future.


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