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Breaking 210

Hey folks, been a while since my last blog post….  This weight loss stuff takes time!

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So it’s been like 90 years (or so it seems) since I started this journey.  Started because I was sick and tired of being overweight.  Our local homeschool group put on its own little version of “The Biggest Loser” in December 2007 – where anyone who wanted to participate could enter with a cool $20 and the biggest loser at the end of May would win all the money in the pot.  Not a bad deal!

I lost.  Not weight – just the contest. 😦

My weigh-in was 255 lbs – and even I was amazed how much I weighed.  Previously I had been up to 240, and twice before had lost around 40lbs to get down to a more normal and healthy weight.  I will eventually post a picture of me at the beginning of the contest and one after I’m at my goal which is less than 15 lbs away!

So far this time, I’ve lost about 46 pounds!  Yeehah!  Finally broke that 210 lb barrier!  Down to 209.2 this morning, and not looking back!

This is NOT about ‘yay Mark!’ but more about how YOU can do the same thing.  It’s  simple once you get it in your head – and once it’s there, your body will follow suit.  But really, it’s all in the head.  Make the decision, and don’t EVER stop.

My main thing (which may not be yours, but it really does work) is that I’ve found that my mouth is faster than my body.  Meaning – my body feels full much slower than I can eat.  So, if I stop eating before I get full, my body will catch up, and I won’t overeat!  Once you learn to stop eating before you are full and do it for a little while, you WILL FEEL FULL SOONER!  Every time!

Drinking lots of water helps, too, and not eating late, not snacking on garbage, etc., etc., etc….  BUT, I do eat whatever I want, including chocolate ice cream (yummy!), pizza, lasagna!  And I’m not talking Lean Cuisine, either – I’m eating the real deal!  Just not so much of it.

Until next time, eat well, just eat less!  God Bless.

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