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Yes!  This morning I stepped on the scale and that wonderful, beautiful, glass digital measurement device from Germany read that magical number: 200!  That means so far I’ve lost 55 lbs, and as I was telling my son, David, I have not weighed in at 200 since college.

So, what does it really mean to lose that much?  20 lbs ago I wrote what it meant to lose 35, so here is an update:

Losing 55 pounds means:

  • Now the ‘new’ pants are falling down.  (Arrrrgg – back to Kohls!)
  • (– Can I really fit into 32s? –)
  • Baggy is getting to look ridiculous
  • Two less chins
  • A 55-lb weight-loss journey is now over
  • Now the ‘keeping it off’ journey has begun!
  • Realizing how cool and beneficial fish oil is!  (I take 6 – 1,200 mg capsules a day)
  • Figuring the cost of another new wardrobe
  • Really needing to work out more
  • Marble Slab last night with the kids 🙂
  • Looking forward to seeing anything under 200lbs on that scale!
  • Thinking that maybe 190 is better!

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