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Teddy was our little almost-3-year-old Yorkie.  He was always trying to run out of the house and tear across the neighbor’s yards to go bark at and play with the other dogs he would hear howling and yelping.   It was always the case that he would go up to some neighbor and befriend them, and they would call us to tell us they have him.  Or if we were quick enough, could catch up to him in the car and entice him to jump in (he loved riding in the car.)

But on one night in particular some weeks back, Teddy decided to run out when someone opened the door, and we never saw him again.  We went out to find him, but did not see him.  The fact that it was dark didn’t help.  So, we put up signs the next morning when it became apparent that he hadn’t followed his previous routines.  We got two calls – one from a woman who said she saw him around her garage door – and she shooed him away!

Note here:  If you see a harmless dog wandering around your house, PLEASE attempt to get a phone number from the collar and call the owners.  If this woman had called us the night Teddy ran out, he might still be here.

The second call was from a different neighbor telling me he saw Teddy, and that he had been run over and killed on the main road outside our subdivision. 

Everyone was upset.  I think (I know) I was more upset than the kids.  They took it great.  We talked to them about the possibility and almost certainty of animals being in heaven (even the possibility of them talking! – Read Randy Alcorn’s book, “Heaven”), they seemed ok about it.  I, on the other hand carried the dread of grief around for days, even now it saddens me – and I am sure it will for some time.  I picked him out from amongst several dogs at the breeder.  I fell in love with him first.  Poor Teddy.

So partly to help the kids get over Teddy and party because Linda wanted one for years, we got a new German Shepherd puppy.  She is now 14 weeks old now she’s over 2!,  and we named her Tootsie (thanks Cassie!) after her parent who were both named after chocolate. 

She’s a sweetheart and very loving and playful.   She’s now part of the family, and though we will never forget Teddy, we all go on and understand that life ebbs and flows, as do our riches, the weather, friends, the stock market… One thing that doesn’t change is family and the love we get from each other – how that helps us to get past obstacles and to grow and live with confidence and power in our lives.

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