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Had some oatmeal this morning with ground up walnuts and wheat germ,  some organic sugar and lactaid milk after doing 4 sets of crunches.  I meant to do much more, but got sidetracked with a long new year’s day call to my sister and my family wanting to go and get the day moving along!

Went shopping (well, actually returning and shopping) and then to see the new National Trasure movie with Nick Cage.  Very good.  Lots of action – probably too much for where we were sitting (3rd row because the theater was pretty full), and a decent plot.  There were tinges of Arnold’s ‘True Lies’, and some rehashing of similar themes found in the original National Treasure, but all in all, a good family movie (a tiny part of the oval office scene could be seen as offensive to some, so avoid that if renting the DVD), excellent acting and good suspense.

Anyway, Happy New Year, may our Lord bring you the desires of your heart this year.

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